Helping people develop the confidence and strength to play and function in everyday life.


Get the physical confidence to play and function in everyday life.


Teaching age-appropriate strength training and simple movements.


As we get older, we need to proactive moving more frequently to stay healthy.


Baby boomers who no longer trust their body to perform everyday tasks.



Jungle Red Fitness has a fitness program to fit everyone.

10X Better Package

10 simple exercises including push-ups, sit-ups, light jogging, and aerobic movements.
10 helpful tips for losing weight and eating for a healthy lifestyle.
10 great stretches to reduce pain and keep your body loose.
10 Weeks
You will see results following these simple principles all in ten weeks.

Lisa Schoenberg



My goal is about bringing clarity and lightness to my clients’ body and whole being. I am a caring teacher who is both fierce and gentle in my approach.  My wisdom and curiosity about people enable me to discover my clients’ truth and mirror it back to them. I have a resiliency about me that clients often absorb and adopt into their own lives.

I am passionate about fitness and have dedicated my career to helping people learn about their bodies and get fit through the practice of strength training, functional exercise, flexibility and nutrition. I have a remarkable ability in being able to know what my clients need are when they walk into a session so that each hour is designed specifically towards those needs. I am told by many clients that I have presence that is trusting and supportive.

It was through my curiosity and ability in working with people that I took on Integral life coaching as another career path to expand my knowledge of human development beyond the physical to include all of our layers of human development. We have so much wisdom available to us through learning and becoming a fully realized human being with a body that connects us to our mind and spirit.

My philosophy is simple. Move and feel better. Exercise because that is what our bodies are meant to do. Become strong and flexible with your body and see how that translates into your everyday life. You will have more joy and confidence on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. You will feel BETTER. It is my goal to help you achieve that.


I love cycling, cooking and baking, reading, raising dogs, and helping people.

Credentials & Certifications

New Ventures West, San Francisco CA. – 2007-2008

One year Certification program in Integral Life Coaching-A Personal and Career Development Program based on human philosophy and spiritual growth. Accredited program by ICF.

TRX Certified Instructor, San Francisco CA. – 2010

Spinning Instructor Certification, Hayward CA. – 2016

National Strength and Conditioning Association, San Jose CA. – 2003-current

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification- Advanced personal training certification with an emphasis on function and the physiology of human movement in sports and fitness.

American Red Cross, San Francisco CA. – 2010-current

CPR certified – Adults and infants

NHI Institute, Cotati CA. – 1991-1992

State certification program on natural food diets, vegetarian meal planning, dietary guidelines and cooking. We were also taught about herbal remedies and using food as medicine.

American College of Sports Medicine – 1990-2001

Personal Trainer Certification


International Gay Olympics, New York City NY. – August 1996

1st Place Middleweight Bodybuilding Champion

American Natural Bodybuilding Competition, Newark NJ. – November 1988

5th Place overall Middleweight Bodybuilding Champion

California Natural Bodybuilding Competition, San Diego CA. – August 1988

1st Place overall Bodybuilding Champion

San Francisco Bodybuilding Competition, San Francisco CA. – September 1987

1st Place overall Bodybuilding Champion

International Gay Games, San Francisco CA. – July 1986

1st Place overall Champion